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As an independent company, we can adapt our core services to suit your requirements.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, a food processor or a builder, we can provide you with an extensive collection of stylish and safe clothing to enable you to do your job to the best possible standard.

All of our products are available with your corporate logo printed on them to give your workforce a striking, sleek look that will reflect brilliantly upon your business name.

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Why Workwear Rental

Outsourcing your workwear to a fully managed rental scheme certifies that your employees are wearing clean and safe clothing for their position. With specialist industrial washers, we’re able to ensure garments meet necessary health and safety standards for longer. Because of this, you will reduce costs and waste.

  • Specialist workwear for employees
  • Scheduled pick up and delivery
  • Expert repairs and maintenance included in the service
  • Increase the lifespan of workwear
  • Reduce cost and environmental waste

What you get from Jacksons

Since 1791, nearly 230 years, Jacksons have been delivering workwear and laundry in one way or another.

Throughout this time, we’ve continually innovated and pushed the boundaries to deliver exceptional service for all our clients. With Jacksons Workwear Rental, you get the service you expect.

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Bespoke fitted clothes and personalised embroidery
  • Full traceability of all garments due to individual barcoding
  • Reliable, consistent service
  • Transparent contract with no hidden costs
No hidden costs
Transparent contracts
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Yes; all workwear is customisable. We can add your logo, names, job titles and this can be embroidery or as a heat-sealed badge.

This can be included in your rental, or as a separate charge if you require it on a less frequent basis.

Yes; our experienced Sales team meet with you to discuss your requirements. They will ensure you get the right garments for what you need and with years of experience across multiple industries, we understand that your safety is paramount.

Our sorting and classification means that all garments receive the appropriate wash process. All washing machines are microprocessor controlled and are automatically dosed at the right time, in the correct quantity, with the most suitable detergent, ensuring each garment is left as clean and bright as possible.

Our finishing tunnel runs at 150 degrees celsius, so they’re thermally disinfected again here.

No. Our contracts are transparent and we will go through these with you at the start of your contract. If you want to leave us, it’s hassle free; but we trust you won’t want to.

Our residual values are calculated on the cost of service, they are not excessively marked up, and they always run down to £0, meaning you are not tied into a contract by owing thousands. You can request your outstanding residual values at any point throughout your contract.

Yes. We pride ourselves on offering the Customer Service you would expect from a family-run business that dates back to 1791. Each customer is assigned an Account Manager who is dedicated to act as your face-to-face contact.

Your Account Manager will oversee the Installations Team, who are responsible for the measuring of all your staff in pre-washed samples, ensuring that when the garments arrive they fit, and they will supervise the complete installation. They continue to handle the on-going management of the contract, making site visits as and when required, armed with a laptop and therefore all the information that relates to wearer details.

When your Account Manager is in a meeting, we have office-based Customer Service Administrators who can access all information you may need and help with any query you may have. Our Customer Service team have over 175 years of Jacksons experience between them, so you can depend on the continuity of personnel.

Yes; lockers are the ideal place for your staff to store their workwear. They provide a safe, secure environment and your workforce can access them at all times.

They help keep your company’s workspace clean and tidy and offer your employees the peace of mind that their garments are under lock and key until they are ready to use them.

If you have a contract with us, you will be offered lockers at a small weekly fee; included in this charge is the on-site distribution by our reliable delivery drivers, which means you don’t need to spend your time putting the clean workwear away.

If you notify your designated Account Manager, they will visit and measure your employee in pre-washed samples in order to find the right fit.

They will then order them for you (or use any spare garments on your account and conduct a name change to save costs if they can).

Anywhere from 2 weeks to 12 months, depending on your notice period with your current supplier and how hard it is to get out of your current contract!

However, our team are trained to offer advice and support you with the move, so please get in contact if you’ve got any questions. On average, the process takes around 3 months.

We have a minimum weekly spend in place, but our range of services means you get exceptional value for money.

As we’re truly independent, our Sales Teams and Account Managers have the freedom to adapt our terms to meet your requirements.

Get in contact with our Sales team today; we really do make the process as simple as we can for you. On the initial call, we will book an appointment for one of our experienced Sales Managers to meet with you to discuss the garments and services you need.

Once your design has been agreed and the contract has been signed, our Installations Manager will individually measure all of your employees, meaning the workwear they receive will fit them straight away.

Any mats, towels or washroom services will be arranged, and we’ll let you know the Installations date well in advance. Once we’re on site, we’ll either lockerise everything for you, or deliver it to a place of your choosing.

You can take advantage of our simple ‘repair label’ system which will be explained to you at the start of your contract; your employees manage this so you don’t have to.

Alternatively, you can call/email your designated Account Manager who will take care of the rest. All requested repairs are done prior to your next delivery – and we conduct visual checks at 4 stages to ensure all non-requested repairs are done too.

Where possible, unless safety is compromised, we repair garments rather than replace them to avoid adding extra charges to your contract. If a garment is deemed beyond economical repair and unsafe for use, we order a replacement straight away..

We offer laundry only, washroom, dustmat and locker services in addition to workwear rental. You can find out more about these on our core services page.

An area where we consider ourselves to be head and shoulders above our competitors is customer service. There is no secret; we just ensure we have the personnel in place to be there when you need them.

When your designated Account Manager is in a meeting, we have office-based Customer Service Administrators who can access all information you may need and help with any query you may have.

Our Customer Service team have over 175 years of Jacksons experience between them, so you can depend on the continuity of personnel. You do have access to a portal of information if you want to use it, but most of our customers prefer to pick up the phone.

We can provide reports on many things, for example how many washes a garment has had, a record of repairs and current or future residual values.

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No hidden costs
Transparent contracts

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