Why Jacksons?

What makes Jacksons different?

With over 230 years of history and experience behind us, we have worked for many of the countries biggest blue-chip companies and a vast range of SME’s, providing a service of the highest quality.

Our success is built around our close working relationships with our customers, we strive to understand their precise needs in order to offer the best service possible in a timescale that suits them.

Our USPs

Our family owned, family run business has a professional, extensive, and modern offering with the customer service of a traditional, long-established business.
All accounts have a designated Account Manager who knows their account inside out, and our Customer Service team alone have over 175 years of experience with Jacksons between them!
All requested repairs are done prior to your next delivery – and we conduct visual checks at 4 stages to ensure all non-requested repairs are done too. Where possible, unless safety is compromised, we repair garments rather than replace them to avoid adding extra charges to your contract.
Our residual values are calculated on the cost of service, they are not excessively marked up, and they always run down to £0, meaning you are not tied into us.
If you miss giving your notice by a day a two, or even a month, we do not tie you in to a non-negotiable extended contract.
We’re truly independent, which means our Sales Teams and Account Managers have the freedom to adapt our terms to meet your requirements.
Who We Work With

Our Clients

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Our history

Since 1791...

Founded nearly 230 years ago by James Jackson, Jacksons Workwear Rental has been owned and run by the family ever since.

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How it all works

Sales & Design

Our experienced sales team will meet with you to discuss the garments and services you need. We offer a variety of products, fabrics, styles and colours to suit your requirements, and it’s at this stage we’ll ensure everything adheres to your Health and Safety regulations. You can choose to customise the garments with your own logo, names or job titles; we’ll talk you through all of this to make the process as easy as possible for you.


Once your design has been agreed, our Installations Manager will individually measure all of your employees, meaning the workwear they receive will fit them straight away. Any mats, towels or washroom services will be arranged, and we’ll let you know the Installations date well in advance. Once we’re on site, we’ll either lockerise everything for you, or deliver it to a place of your choosing.


The first collection gives you the chance to meet your driver; they’ll be with you every week. They will exchange any mats or towels on site and bring away all the garments that need washing. If you’ve got any questions, you can ask the driver in the first instance, or call your designated Account Manager or Administrator and they’ll help right away.

Goods In

All garments arrive here. New garments are customised in Textile Store (those special sizes, or with your logo badges) and barcoded before being sent out. Soiled goods are brought here to be unloaded in our soiled reception area. At all times, soiled goods are kept entirely separate from any clean articles.


At the sorting and classification stage, each garment is inspected for type of material, colour, soiling extent and type and is separated into categories for washing. Upon arrival at the factory, all garments are scanned, so we know what you’ve sent in. This barcode system enables us to monitor the cleaning, repairs and wearer usage of each individual garment. You can have access to this information if you want it.


Jacksons have a range of specialist washing machines to ensure that each garment receives the most appropriate wash process. All washing machines are microprocessor controlled and are automatically dosed at the right time, in the correct quantity, with the most suitable detergent, ensuring that each garment is left as clean and bright as possible.

Finishing and Folding

After washing, garments are passed to the finishing department. All garments are passed through a finishing tunnel that injects steam into them so the creases drop out. The tunnel runs at 150 degrees celsius, so they’re thermally disinfected again at this stage of the process. After tunnel finishing the garments are scanned again to examine whether a repair has been requested. If repairs are required, the garment is passed to the repair department, if not it is automatically taken to the garment folder. The garment folder speedily and uniformly folds items ready for final dispatch.

Repairs and Alterations

In the sewing room we have expert seamstresses who complete all requests in time to return the garment on its next scheduled delivery, which means you’re never missing any garments. It’s no secret how we manage to accomplish this; we just employ enough staff to ensure we achieve our target. If a garment is deemed beyond repair and unsafe for use, we order a replacement straight away (unless you advise us not to).


Our system produces packing lists for all garments that have been scanned in and scanned out, and our team ensure all garments are here, regardless of whether they have been repaired or not. Each garment is given a locker or wearer number and in our packing department, all garments are packed in locker number order ready for efficient delivery on your site.


Our dispatch and delivery team will ensure that your garments reach you directly from our company. On average our drivers have ten years of service experience ensuring safe and prompt delivery, every week without fail. You’ll have the same driver every week (and if they have a holiday booked, you’ll have a relief driver who is in full time employment with Jacksons and has all the information our regular driver has access to). They’ll deliver all garments to the lockers or other pre-arranged delivery points.
What next?

Next steps

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Step 1 - Call

Initial call followed by a free site survey and quotation

Step 2 - Measure

Your workforce will be measured, and your garments ordered

Step 3 - Rental

Following install, the account will be handed over to your designated Account Manager


Work for us

We’re a business that strongly believes in our values and our people; if we do the best for our employees, they’ll do the best for our customers. We do this by focusing on:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Progression and development
  • Social and community participation
  • Incentives and rewards
Explore the benefits of working at Jacksons

Jacksons Workwear Rental are committed to maintaining a safe workplace throughout these unprecedented times of Covid-19. Please contact us if you require a copy of our Risk Assessment.