2021 has been an exciting time for us here at Jacksons Workwear Rental as we look to further modernise our 230-year-old organisation. The turn of the year certainly started this off with a bang as we launched our new brand. The last major change for the business was in 1997, when the name became Jacksons Workwear Rental to reflect the core business. Now, over 20 years on, we decided it was time to look to the future and refocus our vision to incorporate the values of our current team.


“2020 was a difficult year for all, and after communicating with our staff, we examined our company values and narrowed it down to six core principles that are important to us,” explained Michael Wilson, Managing Director of Jacksons Workwear Rental. “We want our company image to reflect the work we do and the behaviours we see internally as we navigate our way through a new era. It’s time for the brand to be brought in line with the developments that the business and the industry have made in recent years.”

Michael Wilson, Managing Director

Our 6 core values are:


Rebecca Wilson, our Sales and Marketing Manager, took on the challenge of bringing our strategy to life, teaming up with Epix Media to accomplish the revamp. “Our people are our strength, and whilst we have done an excellent job over the last 230 years, it’s time to refocus our strategy and vision to ensure we are here for another 230,” describes Rebecca. “Part of this is investing in our marketing, so we can tell people about the service we provide.”

The Process

Over a period of 6 months, we conducted competitor analysis, created customer personas and analysed our sales process. Every decision was made with our customers and potential customers in mind and this journey of brand rediscovery has led to a new logo, colour palette, van design, stationery, and a new website. We’re excited that we can now share this with everyone, although with such a long history, it may take a while for all of the old branding to fade out.

The Result

Our circle icons are bubbles, which of course is symbolic of our industry. They suggest a system of teamwork; a cycle that works together to create a consistent and professional outcome for our customers. The logo and colour scheme communicates that we are modern, approachable, and open-minded through it’s rounded, friendly and modern sans-serif font. The development of the brand as a whole and creation of guidelines allows for consistency, supporting our values of professional and dependable which we show daily in the service we provide. We are confident in our future, we’re proud of what we do, and we’re proud to stand out. That’s why we’ve gone for a bright, proud colour palette; we want you to see it and think of Jacksons, and whilst we wanted a change, we couldn’t let go of the orange completely…


None of this would have been possible without the excellent team at Epix Media, to whom we would like to say a massive thank you. We would strongly recommend getting in touch with them for any web, design or branding needs – their approach to strategy and bringing it to life is inspiring and refreshing!

And of course, as we mentioned, our business wouldn’t be the same without our people. So, to them, we’d like to say a massive thank you for all their continued hard work.

If you have any questions regarding our rebrand, or our service, please contact our Sales and Marketing Manager, Rebecca Wilson, on 01522 887788 or at our contact us page here.



Written by Ellie Dunn, Marketing Officer – July 2021