For the last 30 years, Jacksons Workwear Rental has dedicated one day a year to its long serving staff members to reward their loyalty and hard work. The “21 Club” welcomes those that have worked for Jacksons for over 21 years and currently has 16 members. On average, these employees have provided more than 30 years of service each.

Michael Wilson (Managing Director) emphasises that as a family owned and run business, we appreciate that continuity in the workforce is key to our success. We hold the 21 club to celebrate the time and effort that each member has put in, and the part they have played in our continuing achievements.”

Unfortunately, Covid restrictions meant that celebrations for 2020 were put on hold. The last event was held on 6th September 2019 at The Peacock Inn, a long time ago now. The days (and evenings) are always entertaining and leave those left in the workplace counting how many years they have until they can join the fun. Due to cancelling last year, we were determined to make this year extra special as we ascended on Gino’s in the Bailgate, Lincoln, on the 10th September 2021.

After a hearty Italian meal and free-flowing drinks, there was a speech of thanks from Michael and the new members were presented with a gift that they keep as a token of appreciation of all their hard work over the years.

We’re delighted that every member enjoyed being back out celebrating the 21 club; Steve Pearce (Production Director) reiterated how nice it was to attend the celebration again after the pandemic prevented last year’s event” and how “encouraging it is to see new attendees continue to join the club.”


This year, we welcomed three new faces into the 21 club: Tina Espin, Sean Tindale (who unfortunately could not attend) and Donna Williams.








The three new members join Lisa Howden, Mel Lewis, Angie Lorimer, Diana Luddington, Alistair Mackinder, Debbie McMahon, Steve Pearce, Gail Rousseau, Lyndsey Sissons, Wendy Thacker, Jackie Tindale and Michael Wilson.

The Future

The dedication we see from our employees day-to-day over such a long period of time is astonishing. Having over 20% of our workforce in the 21 club is fundamental to the success we’ve seen across the business in recent years and the passion and consistency shown by the long serving members of staff is what drives the newer members of the team as they’re welcomed into the family and ensures the business will be in safe hands for years to come.



Written by Ellie Dunn, Marketing Officer – October 2021