Our range of high quality industry garments is perfect for whatever your company needs. Whether you’re a manufacturer, a food processor or a builder, we can provide you with an extensive collection of stylish and safe clothing to enable you to do your job to the best possible standard. All of our products are available with your corporate logo printed on them to give your workforce a striking, sleek look that will reflect brilliantly upon your business name. Coats, shirts, overalls, trousers and jackets are just some of the things available ensuring that whatever you require, we can provide. Our vast range comes in a variety of styles and colours to perfectly fit with your brand identity and allow your team to look good whilst being safe, hygienic and practical.


Design and Embroidery

We provide a bespoke design and embroidery service to enable your brand identity to appear on all of your working garments. Not only does this add a stylish element to your workforce, but it also means that your employees become instantly recognisable whilst on the job. This service provides a unique addition to your garments, separating you from any competitors and allowing you to stand out in a potentially busy industry crowd. As well as merely reproducing any existing logo you may have onto your product, we can also aid in the design and creation of something new and can incorporate it onto any garment you already own or that we have provided. Your brand identity should do just that; identify your brand, and by having it appear on the clothes your workforce wear it does that job to perfection.

Workwear Rental